Skin Consultations

Good skin starts with a CONSULTATION

In this relaxed hour, we sit down and have a great skin chat about your skin goals, history, your diet, health, lifestyle, and daily routines. I want to listen to your concerns and understand what you're looking for in terms of solutions.

With over 25 years of expertise in the skin industry, I can expertly offer you the best advice and guidance to achieve your best skin. Together, we'll create a customised plan tailored specifically to your skin's needs and start you on your skin journey. 

I will provide you with a comprehensive skin examination through my cutting-edge photo-imaging technology. We will cleverly uncover what lies beneath the surface. This 360 personalised approach guarantees a thorough understanding of your unique and beautiful skin.

I believe that true skin health stems from knowledge and expert analysis. By taking advantage of the skin analysis, you will gain valuable insights into the specific needs of your skin. Armed with this information, we can take proactive steps towards achieving and maintaining a healthy skin.

"It's All About Education And Empowerment"

"It's All About Education And Empowerment"

 At your consultation, my main goal is to EDUCATE and EMPOWER you. I want to provide you with all the ESSENTIAL KNOWLEDGE & SKILLS needed for good skin, along with plenty of tips and expert advice.

By sharing this information with you, I hope to BOOST YOUR CONFIDENCE in making skin-related decisions and help you better understand why your skin behaves the way it does. Together, we can explore the SOLUTIONS AND OPTIONS available to improve your skin's condition.

After our consultation, you will receive your personalised skin homecare prescription and treatment plan. Take some time to thoroughly review and absorb the information we discussed. This will allow you to fully immerse yourself in YOUR SKIN JOURNEY and make informed decisions about how to achieve the best results.

Knowledge is power...

Meet Andrea

I want you to FALL IN LOVE with your skin! 

Just like your fingerprint, your skin is one of a kind and your skins journey needs to reflect this. My goal is to work together with you so we can achieve the healthiest and best skin possible through professional treatments and at home care. 

Throughout our journey together I want you to feel confident, informed and have an inner radiance that shines through. 

"... its accompanied by a rare ability to read people! Its never just a facial! It is far more therapeutic. It involves knowledge of the skin (and skin issues) but also holistic. She has an inquiring mind and will go beyond duty to research and resolve skin issues."

Loves Notes

"Andrea's knowledge of the skin is remarkable..."

"Not only is Andrea the best expert I have ever used, but in addition I look forward to stepping into the calm and serene space once a month to get my dose of relaxation as well as working on my skin. Even when its a chemical peel which isn't normally a relaxing experience I come away with a smile on my face."

Love Notes

"Truly a skilled professional wizard when it comes to skin!"

You are so amazing at what you do! I am so grateful for changing and giving back my confidence in myself and my skin again! I would recommend you to absolutely anybody! I can honestly say you are truly amazing inside and out for what you do and how you make people feel.

Love Notes

"Its feels so lovely not to wear make-up. I am obsessed!"

 I loved every aspect of it from the guided relaxation at the beginning to the warm heated bed and Andrea's touch instantly relaxes you! The redness in my cheeks that I have had for ages has gone down and I can't stop looking at my skin! 

Love Notes

If I could have given more than 5 stars I would have! 


Skin Consultations £60.00


Byonik treatments starting from


Course of 4 for £1195.00 (Includes neck lift worth £1195.00)

Pyramid Facelift

Geneo treatments starting from £60.00


Peels starting from


Autograph Facials starting
from £88.00

Autograph Facials

COMCIT starting from


Course of 3 for


Course of 3 for


Coolift treatments
from £60.00


Treatments start from £220.00 for an individual treatemnt



Course of 3 for

Global Eyecon

Treatments start from £155.00


Treatments start from £99.00


Treatments start from £65.00


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