Facials for Dull Skin

As we get older, our juicy young cells can transform into tired older ones, meaning that our natural cell turnover tends to get slower.  What could be a 28 day turnover cycle in our teens and twenties, can change to over 56 days as we reach our fifties. This slow down can leave the skin looking tired and dull.
Ageing isn’t the only reason why your skin might not be as bright as it once was. It could be skin health related, diet, not removing your make-up, gut health, lifestyle, the wrong skin products, too much exfoliation, or not enough of the right kind of exfoliation, smoking, medication, lack of water intake, poor oxygen supply to the skin, your work and home environment and stress.

Tale signs of dull skin

Looks grey



sluggish complexion

rough texture

dry patches

fine lines

no glow

irritated skin

Dull skin can be caused by a number of things including: 

Accumulation of dead skin cells
The presence of free radicals
Excessive stress
Inadequate sleep
Failure to remove make-up before going to bed
Neglecting exfoliation

Many of my clients come to me without any specific skin issues; they are just seeking overall enhancement in their skin's appearance, as well as better skin health and prevention of signs of ageing and damage caused by the environment.

Some clients have upcoming special occasions - like weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries - and they want to look and feel their absolute best.

My Best Facials For Dull Skin are... 






autograph facial gold

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