Sagging Jawline & Neck

Decreased collagen levels, along with weight fluctuations, cause the skin to lose its ability to ‘spring’ back like it used to. This can lead to the jawline not being tight and contoured, with loose skin and jowls forming.

As we age, our skin begins to lose its ELASTICITY and FIRMNESS.

The signs of ageing on the neck and décolleté are often overlooked, but they deserve just as much attention as the face when it comes to skincare.

As we age, the skin on our neck can become loose and saggy, the texture changes, pigmentation develops, while fine lines and wrinkles start to show.

Signs of ageing of the neck are:

 Signs of ageing of the neck 

Crepe skin
Loose Skin
Loss of elasticity
Neckline lines
Loss of firmness
Bust Creases and lines
Thinner skin
Thicker skin

I offer various neck and decollete treatments designed to lift and tighten your skin, improving the condition and appearance of these areas.

 From the innovative Pyramid Face and Neck lift to the rejuvenating effects of Microneedling and the skin-tightening powers of Radio Frequency of Collagen Wave and Geneo, there's a treatment for everyone.

During a consultation, we will uncover together your goals and the best treatment for you and your skin. 

Discover all the treatments I can offer to support the signs of ageing on your neck.

Treatments to lift and tighten

pyramid facelift





autograph facial platinum


autograph facial diamond




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