Sun Damage

Pigmentation can be caused many years before it appears on the skin. From sun habits, UV exposure to hormonal influences, contraceptive pill, HRT, pregnancy, acne, smoking, medication and even perfume can contribute to the brown, uneven skin tone we see as pigmentation.  
Treating sun damage and pigmentation takes time but with SKIN EDUCATION , the right HOMECARE, professional treatments and PATIENCE the results are worth it!

Sun damage creeps in slowly over time and can show itself as a thickening of the skin, deep lines and wrinkles, criss-cross puckering, loss of volume, elasticity, pigmentation, skin lesions, redness, broken capillaries and dull skin. The skin can even look quite thin and transparent.

It's important to be aware that pigmentation and sun damage can be caused many years before it even appears on the skin, making PREVENTION & PROTECTION crucial. The good news is that by understanding the causes of sun damage, together, we can take proactive steps to protect the skin and minimise the risk of further UV damage and pigmentation. By investing in sun protection, avoiding excessive UV exposure, and being mindful of our lifestyle choices, we can help prevent and reduce the effects of sun damage. 

Causes of sun damage & pigmentation?

During a consultation, we can uncover where you are in your skin journey and the best treatment for you. Some of the recommended treatments include:

Treatments to support sun damage

pyramid facelift





autograph facial platinum


autograph facial diamond

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